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RoadSense, an IoT platform that aggregates public space data wirelessly, providing cities with deep insights and real-time alerts to solve numerous use cases, without compromising privacy,



We solve countless use cases without compromising on privacy


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RoadSense’s PaaS (Platform as a Service) is a solution that monitors the public space in real-time without any privacy breach, digitizes the information, adding additional AI layers, to solve countless use cases in the public space, related to safety, security, equality, and well-being.

Our data is delivered as real-time alerts, insights, counting and other powerful tools to help you manage the city better!

We understand your public space

We know the public space is THE factor in the city’s future development.By continuously monitoring the public space , we find the city’s secrets, the patterns of people and mobility.
Using our PaaS will lead to safer cities, more secured with enhanced well-being, reduced energy consumptions and carbon emissions, helping cities achieve the Net-Zero targets.

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Baruch Gueta


Avi Haskelovich



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