A road-vehicle collaboration

 In the V2X (Vehicle to Everything) equation, we are the X factor. Our platform supports curb management, with extremely high accuracy, to make safer roads and communicate directly with the approaching vehicles.

Car crashes- the solution is in the data

With the cost of 1.35 million people killed on roadways each year around the world, smart roads can provide new tools to decrease these numbers and save lives, like real-time alerts, predictions, statistics, increase survival-after-crash rate, while keeping the privacy of the drivers and other road users.

Simple to deploy, easy to understand

RoadSense devices are easily installed as roadside units, tracking the traffic in real-time while identifying incidents in a fraction of a second, such as accidents, debris on the road, vehicles stopping on the shoulders, black ice, or any other required alert. The drivers are visually alerted when approaching the danger zone.

As it’s very costly to convert to a smart road, every sideroad unit is equipped with an energy generator to support the device’s energy and function regardless of a nearby electric grid and help making smart roads affordable.

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