A road-vehicle collaboration

A road-vehicle collaboration In the V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure communication) , we are the I. Our platform supports curb management, with extremely high accuracy, to make safer roads and communicate directly with the approaching vehicles.

Roads produce endless life-saving data. Getting it is our mission.

Smart roads leverage IoT devices to enhance driving safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. These roads incorporate physical devices, such as sensors, seamlessly integrated with a robust software infrastructure powered by AI and big data analytics.

Car crashes- the solution is in the data

In the face of the staggering global toll of 1.35 million lives lost on roadways annually, smart roads offer innovative solutions to curtail these numbers and safeguard lives. Through features such as real-time alerts, predictive analytics, and comprehensive statistics, smart roads aim to elevate post-crash survival rates, all while rigorously safeguarding the privacy of both drivers and other road users.

Simple to deploy, easy to understand

RoadSense devices seamlessly integrate as roadside units, providing real-time traffic monitoring and instantaneous identification of incidents like accidents, road debris, vehicles halting on shoulders, black ice, or any other critical alert. Drivers may receive visual warnings when approaching potential danger zones.

Acknowledging the substantial costs associated with transitioning to smart roads, each roadside unit is outfitted with an energy generator. This ensures sustained energy and functionality independent of nearby electric grids, contributing to the affordability of implementing smart road technology.

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