Our vision

Knowledge is the power to improve, and data gives knowledge. By understanding our public domains, streets and roads we can save lives, increase our streets security, build smart roads to give a supportive environment to autonomous transportation and much more. Our mission is to collect data, and by using cutting edge technologies to make cities truly smart. We aim to do it without the need to infringe privacy in any way, without databases, without tracking smartphones, without even knowing your license plate number.

Behind the scenes

People flow, pedestrian safety, bus stop occupancy, tourists overcrowding

Baruch Gueta and Avi Haskelovich are bringing the knowledge of traffic safety powered with IT capabilities.
Baruch brings with him over 20 years of specialty in sales. business development in local and multi-national companies, with emphasis on traffic safety on crosswalks. As an entrepreneur he’s looking to solve major problems related to safety in public domains that can save lives.
Avi brings over 16 years of experience in Information Technology, Telecommunications fields, IoT, Big Data and a wide variety of cloud services. His experience includes working with complex systems and enterprise integration platforms, managing operations and development teams with a variety of skills.